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Care Team

Linda Cortez

Growing up on a small ranch on the outskirts of Mission, it was impossible for Linda not to connect with the animals that she cared for daily. She knew early

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Linda Ewer

Linda joined the Mission Veterinary Hospital team in 1998 after a friend told her that Dr. Heflin was looking for someone to take over the clinic’s bookkeeping. Since she had

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Racheal Alexander

Born on the island of Trinidad and Tobago, Rachael has worked at Mission Veterinary Hospital since March of 2008. It was here that she discovered she has a sweet spot

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David Arechar

David is a pet owner himself—he knows exactly how much animal companions mean to the families of the Mission area. As a Veterinary Assistant here at the clinic, he’s able

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Angela Contreras

Having grown up in Mission around pets, Angela knew that being around animals could change her mood no matter how hectic her day had been. She can’t imagine a better

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Yoli Perez

Yoli was a client here at Mission Veterinary Hospital before she was an employee. When she brought her pet in for a check-up, she and Dr. Heflin started talking about

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Bruno Garcia

Bruno's passion for animal care has always been in his heart even since a little boy saving animals and caring for them. Bruno's second and equal passion is Computer Programming

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