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/Linda Ewer

Linda Ewer

Linda joined the Mission Veterinary Hospital team in 1998 after a friend told her that Dr. Heflin was looking for someone to take over the clinic’s bookkeeping. Since she had a business degree and was up for the challenge, she gladly accepted Dr. Heflin’s offer! In January of 2003, she was promoted to her current position of Business Administrator.

Linda was born and raised in Wisconsin with two brothers and two sisters. After eight challenging years of working full-time and attending college part-time, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Alverno College in Milwaukee. In 1996, Linda and her family relocated to the warm weather of the Rio Grande Valley.

Although she’s often working behind closed doors on projects or crunching numbers, Linda likes to periodically walk through the hospital, visiting clients and giving hugs to nervous pets. She absolutely loves working with the staff, clients, and their beloved pets!

Linda’s two children are grown up now and on their own, so she and her husband now share the house with one adorable yorkie, named Angel.

When Linda isn’t at the clinic, you can find her doing projects around the house, swimming, biking, hiking, and going on adventurous camping trips with her husband and furbaby.

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