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/Edith Gonzalez

Edith Gonzalez

Edith Gonzalez, a valued vet tech at Mission Veterinary Hospital, brings a passion for client education and interaction to her role. She finds satisfaction in not only caring for animals but also empowering pet owners with knowledge and understanding. Edith’s personal life is a testament to her love for animals, with two cats, Hunter and Elvis, and two dogs, Bentley and River, making her home complete. Beyond her professional and pet-loving world, she embraces the great outdoors, seeking tranquility at the beach, immersing herself in philosophy books, exploring the wonders of nature through hiking, and indulging in her love for wildlife by watching Nat Geo documentaries. Edith’s enthusiasm for learning and her love for animals, both professionally and personally, make her an invaluable member of the Mission Veterinary Hospital family.

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