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Nutrition & Weight Management

Nutrition & Weight Management 2019-09-15T02:40:50-04:00

The term “you are what you eat” isn’t just for people. It can also be easily applied to our four-legged family members as well.

What you feed your pet can greatly improve his or her quality of life and may even help to extend the number of years you get to enjoy each other’s companionship. The right diet and adequate exercise can even help in managing certain chronic medical conditions. Of course, knowing this and actually doing something about it are two entirely different things.

The problem many pet owners face is that with so many available options, choosing the right food can be downright confusing. Weight control can also be a challenging topic, since there’s little reliable information out there to go on. What you need is the help of an expert who understands companion animal nutrition and can provide the guidance and advice you need to help your pet live his or her best possible life.

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The team at Mission Veterinary Hospital is up to the task

We’ll start by developing a customized diet plan for your animal companion. Depending on your pet’s breed, age, current weight and present health status, we will determine what type of food would best meet their health care needs. We may recommend the use of a prescription diet if we feel that it would offer your pet more nutritional value than over the counter products.

We’ll also discuss how much food you should be feeding your pet and how often. Controlling calorie intake can often solve the problem of weight control without any further action needed. For some pets, however, increased physical activity may be recommended to help shave off those stubborn extra pounds. Conversely, if your pet doesn’t weigh enough, we will advise you on how to get that number back up to where it should be.

Exercise is important, even for pets that are older and who suffer from medical conditions. If your companion falls into either of these categories, we will work with you to determine the types of activities that would be best suited for your particular pet.

Lastly, although equally as important, we will need to re-evaluate our approach from time to time to make sure it’s still achieving the results it was originally designed for. As your pet gets older, he or she will have different nutritional and weight control needs. We will adjust our plan accordingly to ensure that we continue to achieve the results we’re after.

You love your pet and want to see that little guy or gal enjoy a long, healthy life. It starts with a solid foundation of balanced nutrition and a healthy weight. Let us develop a customized diet and exercise plan that will bring out the very best in your four-legged friend.