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Surgery 2022-03-29T14:35:15-04:00

“Your pet needs surgery.”

Just four little words, yet they are enough to strike fear into the heart of any loving pet parent.

Finding out a loved one needs surgery can be a nerve wracking time, regardless of whether that family member happens to have two legs or four. At Mission Veterinary Hospital, we understand the many questions and concerns you may have, and we want to put your mind at ease. Our goal is to not only make your pet’s surgery a complete success, but to also ensure that it is as stress-free and a positive experience as possible for you both.

Our experienced doctors are skilled at performing a wide variety of pet surgeries, both routine and complex. More importantly, we always adhere to strictest standards of safety and care so you can feel confident that your pet will be in excellent hands with our surgical team! We’ll have your loved one fixed up and on the path to a full recovery in no time!

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Before your pet’s surgery…

At Mission Veterinary Hospital, we strive to prevent risk at every turn. We always want to ensure the safety of our patients, which is why we recommend pre-surgical health screening. This allows us to verify whether your pet is healthy enough to undergo surgery and anesthesia, and also helps us to identify certain risk factors that may be unique to your pet. When we know what to watch for ahead of time, we are much better prepared to manage and overcome those risks during surgery, which means a much better outcome for your pet.

Another important pre-surgery topic is pain management. Animals can experience discomfort and pain just like humans can, so it’s important that we do everything within our power to manage and minimize that pain as much as possible. We use only the safest, most effective anesthetic products available, which we tailor to each patient for optimum comfort and safety. We want to keep your loved one as pain-free as possible – before, during and following surgery.

The day of surgery…

The morning of your pet’s surgery, we will welcome you both and immediately focus on getting your pet settled in and comfortable while you complete any necessary paperwork. We believe that the more relaxed and at ease your pet is, the smoother and more uneventful the procedure will be, so we’ll take extra care to ensure that he or she becomes acclimated with us and the hospital surroundings.

We want you to know that your pet will never be alone during the surgical process. Anesthesia will be administered under the close watch of one of our experienced technicians. Once safely sedated, we will gently transfer your pet to our surgical suite where the doctor will be waiting to begin the procedure.

Our veterinarians are highly skilled at performing surgery in a way that offers precise, efficient results. We won’t rush through the procedure; however, we will take every measure possible to minimize the time your pet must remain anesthetized. Our surgical suite is outfitted with cutting edge surgical tools and modern monitoring equipment, which we will use to track your pet’s vital signs and pain management needs. Rest assured that your loved one’s wellbeing will always be our top priority.

Laparoscopic Surgery

The goal of everyone on our surgical team is to ensure that our patients receive a pain-free experience and a speedy recovery time. Laparoscopic surgery is the perfect tool for achieving these goals, because it is much less invasive than traditional surgery with a scalpel. Because incisions are much smaller, your pet will experience less discomfort and a much easier and faster recovery period. In fact, studies have shown that these types of procedures can reduce pain by up to 65%!

Mission Veterinary Hospital is able to offer laparoscopic surgery for the following procedures:

  • Spays
  • Neuter (with retained testicle)
  • Abdominal Organ Biopsy
  • Cancer Evaluations

Ask us today whether laparoscopic surgery would be a good alternative for your pet.

Post-surgical care…

Immediately following your pet’s surgery, he or she will be carefully moved to our hospital’s recovery area where monitoring will continue as the anesthesia begins to wear off. Your pet will wake up, surrounded by caring faces and lots of gentle TLC. Someone from our office will contact you to explain how the surgery went and advise you on when you can come retrieve your pet.

Before returning home, we will go over our post-surgical care instructions, which will likely include a customized pain management plan to make your pet’s recovery at home as comfortable as possible. Of course, should you have any questions or concerns – either before you bring your pet home or after – we encourage you to ask. No question is too small or silly when it comes to the care and wellbeing of your pet and we’re happy to help in every way we can!

If you’ve just heard those four dreaded words and you’re struggling with the uncertainty of what your pet’s surgery will be like, we want to assure you that you need not worry. Our team is prepared to manage all of your pet’s surgical care needs. We’ve got you covered!