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Dentistry 2017-12-17T21:52:30-05:00

Routine dental care is just as important to your pet as it is to you.

In fact, without the proper care, your companion’s mouth can become a haven for dangerous bacteria which can eventually lead to a host of other health problems, up to and including dental disease. You would never dream of going weeks, months or years without brushing your own teeth. Unfortunately, this is exactly what many adult dogs and cats have to deal with.

The good news is, you can help your pet beat the odds and enjoy a healthy mouth for life by making a commitment to ongoing pet dentistry – both professional and at home. Mission Veterinary Hospital offers both routine and advanced dental care services to meet all of your pet’s oral health care needs. We’ll also show you ways that you can help your loved one maintain healthy teeth and gums at home, and in between vet visits.

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For optimum results, we recommend bringing your pet in for a dental appointment at least once a year. This will allow us to thoroughly examine your pet’s teeth and gums, and clean them to remove plaque and tartar buildup. We use modern equipment and advanced techniques to help us stay on top of your loved one’s dental care and prevent the onset of periodontal disease and other oral health problems.

Should your pet already suffer from an existing dental condition, we are prepared to assist in getting that problem under control. Whether it’s a digital dental x-ray, an extraction to remove a diseased tooth or minor oral surgery to correct a more serious problem, we are up to the task! Our goal is to have that little guy or gal smiling pretty for many years to come!

In addition to our professional pet dentistry services, we’ll also support you in your role as an important member of your pet’s dental care team. Because annual dental cleanings aren’t always enough to keep plaque and tartar at bay, it’s critical that you continue the hard work we’ve started by brushing your pet’s teeth regularly at home. Not sure how to do this? No problem! Our staff members would be more than happy to give you a demonstration.

You want your pet to enjoy a long, healthy life. Don’t neglect his or her dental care. Let’s work together to help your loved one enjoy a clean, fresh smile for life!