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/Emergency Calls Temporarily Cancelled

Emergency Calls Temporarily Cancelled

Emergency Calls Temporarily Cancelled 2020-09-30T17:26:47-04:00

No Emergency calls till further notice!

Please call “Pet Doctor 911” at (956) 683-7387

Updates for clients

On call

It is with heavy hearts that we are announcing the elimination of emergency services by Mission Veterinary Hospital. We have always wanted to be there in your hardest times. At this point, we don’t have enough doctors to cover the after hours calls. We will continue to have a technician available to answer after hours questions, and give updates on hospitalized patients. We will continue to have a supervising doctor on weekends for hospitalized and boarding patients. Our emergency services will end on August 14.

Prescription refills, and picking up medications.

At Mission Veterinary Hospital, we want to see that you don’t miss any of your pets medications. We want to advise you that shipping is delayed for many of our medications, so products that we can usually order and have delivered the next 1-2 days, may now take 3-4 days. Also, we may not have the stock for instant refills that we usually carry. Please call ahead at least 5 days for any refills needed. Consider refilling medications through our online pharmacy at Vetsource (located on our web site on the top right).

In regards to prescription diets, the manufactures are experiencing raw material shortages, and some of the prescription diets are on backorder or prolonged delivery. Please don’t run out of your pet’s food, and then call for a refill. We will do our best to keep your pets medications and foods ordered and delivered in a timely manner. If you receive a notice of delayed delivery, please call our office so that we can assist you in getting the diet, or the best alternative available.

Please call ahead at least 24 hours for in clinic refills of medications. When you arrive, call the main number (585-1656),  and advise the receptionist that you are here for a refill medication. Payment can be made on-line or given to the transporter, and your medication will be brought to you.

Notice to clients

Prior to your appointment, if anyone in your household is sick, under quarantine for Covid-19, pending Covid-19 testing,  or diagnosed with Covid-19, please advise our reception staff immediately. We have many options to deal with your pets without endangering our staff or others. These may include, rescheduling your appointment, having a friend or family member that isn’t in the household bring your pet in for you, or in some cases a telemedicine visit.

If you or a family member is suffering from Covid-19 it is advised that you isolate from your pets as well. While there is no evidence that pets can transmit the virus, the virus has been isolated from a few pets in homes with infected individuals.