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//New Year New Goals

New Year New Goals


#1 Include your pet in your New Year’s Resolutions

As a new year begins, many of us take the opportunity to set gials for the months ahead. perhaps you want to hear eat better, exercise more or lose a couple of those holidays pounds. This year , consider your pet’s when making New Year’s resolutions. Just like us , they could benefit from improvements to their wellness routines, but they can’t make resolutions on their own. Here are some New Year’s resolution ideas from the experts that will help promote a happier, healthier year for your four-legged friends.

#2 Perform a Diet Audit

The new year is the perfect time to evaluate what, when and how much your pet is eating. “Many owners eyeball” their pet’s daily intake and pour that into a bowl, usually resulting in overfeeding and weight gain. Instead , use a measuring cup to ensure that your pet is receiving the proper amount of food at every meal. *Remember to choose a diet tailored to your pets life stage*

#3 Try a puzzle feeder

Even a small change can improve your pet’s day to day life. To Easily engage your do or cat, spice up their meal time with a puzzle feeder. This will increase your pet’s stimulation and daily life enrichment.

#4 Get Serius about your pet’s weight loss

If You’ve been noticing your dog or cat extra fluffy lately, take this opportunity to face the scale and make a weight loss plan. Cut the treats Measure your pet’s food Work with your Veterinarian to determine a weight loss program A Good walk around the park or outside the house will also change his or her daily life.

#5 Add an Extra Walk to Your Dog’s Potty Schedule

If you’re resolving to get in shape this year, add more walks to your excise regimen. They’re great for your health and offer numerous benefits for your dog. Walks provide exercise, but they also provide a big helping of enrichment through the smells and sounds of the dog’s environment. “Walks are a Great way to bond with your dog”

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