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//Life with COVID-19

Life with COVID-19

Life with COVID-19
COVID-19 is making a comeback unfortunately all over the United States.
States like New York heavily decreased in cases, not as the all other states that didn’t show high cases at the beginning, its a different story now.
Texas, Arizona, Florida and some others are Rapidly increasing with COVID-19 cases doubling in just a couple of weeks, all this right after Memorial Weekend.
 Take care of yourselves practice social distancing and wash your hands many times after going out to do essential shooping.
Protecting your pets from illness

If everyone in your household is healthy, experts say there’s no need to modify family behavior.

If you or another member of your household is showing signs of COVID-19, experts say you should treat your pets like you would any other family member.

“So, you separate a person who is sick with this coronavirus from the members of the family as best you can. The same goes for the pets”.

“You should not have pets in the same room as someone who is sick because while they may not necessarily cause or get sick themselves, and we don’t see them as a conduit, we don’t necessarily want to bet the farm on that either”.

If able, he adds it’s also preferable for any sick family members to have their own bathroom and use their own utensils.

“The best way to protect your pets from COVID-19 is to limit their exposure to sick individuals,”.

“If you live alone and must care for your pets while ill, avoid close contact with them such as snuggling, kissing, etc., and wash your hands thoroughly before handing their food bowl, water bowl, and other items,”

“Keep cats indoors and walk dogs on a leash while keeping a distance from other people and pets.”

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