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//February the Month of LOVE

February the Month of LOVE

On National Love Your Pet Day (February 20th)

Loving our critters is more than giving kisses, hugs and tummy rubs. It’s also about doing right by them when it comes to their health, happiness and well-being.

Walk and Play

Nothing says love like spending time with your pet to ensure they get exercise, attention and mental stimulation. Daily activity is good for your pet’s body, brain and it even promotes good behavior. So dedicate time every day to walk or play fetch with the family pooch. And remember, felines need fun, too! Engage kitty in playtime that taps into her inner tiger!

Stay on Schedule

Routine veterinary check-ups and preventative care are essential to your pet’s health. However, our lives are so busy these days that it can be easy to postpone making these appointments. So, demonstrate your love by scheduling Fido or Fluffy’s yearly veterinary wellness visits now. Once they’re on your calendar, you’ll be more likely to keep them. Also, know the facts about pet insurance to protect your pocketbook from unexpected veterinary bills. That way your pet can have the best care available, regardless of your budget. 

Create Cuddle Time

Set aside pet bonding time every day. The benefits of petting and playing with your pet are well documented. Just 10 minutes a day can go a long way toward strengthening the relationship with your pet. In addition, studies have shown that petting a dog or cat lowers stress, improves heart health and elevates one’s mood. Everybody wins!

Monitor Meals

Feeding your pet at regular times will help him or her better metabolize meals and maintain good energy. Keeping food amounts the same each day are also important to control weight. To stay on track, determine which family member(s) will be responsible for feeding the pet in the morning and evening. If you put a child in charge, make sure that they are old enough to understand the importance of this chore and do it consistently.

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