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/Dr. Diane DeBruyn

Dr. Diane DeBruyn

Dr. deBruyn warned her parents in the first grade that she wanted to be a veterinarian. She would doctor up stuffed animals, and even dressed up the family dog for her skits! She followed her passion, and now is a co-owner and full-time veterinarian at Mission Veterinary Hospital.

Diane was born and raised in El Paso as the second of four children. She always had at least one dog and cat growing up, as well as hamster, a horse, rabbit, and pheasant through the years! When it came time for college, she chose the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University, graduating with her Bachelor’s in 1989. She then received her DVM degree in 1992 from Texas A&M University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

After school, Dr. deBruyn moved to Mission, where she fell in love with the weather, the people, and their pets. Her fate in Mission was sealed when she met her future husband! She began at Mission Veterinary Hospital in the summer of 1992, then became a partner in August of 2004.

Diane says she’s an introvert, so she’s rather surprised that what she enjoys most about her job is interacting with people. Every day, she meets someone with an amazing or inspiring story. Medically, she likes working on cats because they’re some of the most challenging patients to treat.

Dr. deBruyn lives in Mission with her husband, two children, four dogs, and a cat. She also has a mustang horse and several goats.

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