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/Dr. Cavazos

Dr. Cavazos

Dr. Cebrina Cavazos was born and raised in Roma, TX. Cebrina’s interest in veterinary medicine began at 11 years old, when she found a dog and nursed it back to health. Honey Bun became part of the Cavazos family, and spurred a captivation in animal health and welfare. When Dr. Cavazos combined her passion for animals with her love of science, a natural progression to veterinary medicine began.

She graduated from Roma High School and moved to Texas A&M University – College Station for both her undergraduate and DVM degrees. Cebrina first met the MVH team when she completed an externship during her last year of vet school. It was then when she knew she found a place where she could serve the community that she calls home.

Cebrina met her husband, Jon Ray, at Texas A&M University. They live together in McAllen, TX with their son, Benjamin Merari, and five furry babies: Biscuit, Savannah Banana, Roxy Pebbles, Oreo, and Cheddar Cheese.

On her time off, Cebrina spends most of her time chasing Benjamin and keeping him from putting things in his mouth. When he’s napping, she probably has a  fist full of popcorn and Flaming Hot Cheetos watching movies and TV shows with her furry babies around. Her other hobbies include hitting the gym, hanging out with friends and family, traveling the globe, and falling asleep while listening to Jon Ray talk about the last book he read.

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