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/Clarissa Guajardo

Clarissa Guajardo

Clarissa was born and raised in McAllen. Over the years her love for animals has just grown more and more as she has cared for her own fur babies.  Her journey with MVH started as a temp during the time the staff was split due to the unfortunate beginning of this pandemic. It was a challenge, but she managed to stick through it with the help of the best staff in the world. At the time she had no pets, and she promised her partner that she wouldn’t fall victim to the cuteness and bring any home. A month or so into her hiring she met some cute stray cats that a client brought in for vaccines and that is when she became a cat owner for the millionth time. A little over a year working at MVH and feels she has created a family like bond with all staff. When Clarissa is not at work, she loves to do nothing more than to spend time with her 2 beautiful girls and 5 stepchildren that she has with her loving and caring significant other, Marcos.


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