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Veterinarians McAllen Texas

April Fools

1. Pet Eye Glasses think your pet is not on 20/20 vision get your today!! 2. Kodak, "Print your own live kitten"  Ever wanted a new instant pet without

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February the Month of LOVE

On National Love Your Pet Day (February 20th) Loving our critters is more than giving kisses, hugs and tummy rubs. It’s also about doing right by them when it comes

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New Year New Goals

GOALS AREN'T JUST FOR PEOPLE #1 Include your pet in your New Year's Resolutions As a new year begins, many of us take the opportunity to set gials for the

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Christmas Food Warning

Christmas can present a range of hidden dangers for dogs   Christmas is the time to indulge, celebrate and have fun – and as part of the family, our dogs will

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Lethargy in Dogs

Things that cam make your dog lethargic and weak can range from infection and disease to pain and medication. Because weakness and lethargy can indicate anything from a chronic condition

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How to Treat a dog with Ringworm

“Ringworm” is a skin disease of warm-blooded mammals properly termed “Dermatomycosis.” It can be a major problem in multiple animal households and kennels/catteries. It is caused by a fungus-type organism.

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