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/Yoli Perez

Yoli Perez

Yoli was a client here at Mission Veterinary Hospital before she was an employee. When she brought her pet in for a check-up, she and Dr. Heflin started talking about jobs; before she knew it, Yoli was submitting an application! She’s been a part of the clinic family since May of 2015 and couldn’t be happier.

Yoli grew up in Mercedes, Texas with her mother, grandmother, three sisters, and a brother. The family constantly brought in strays, which Yoli says contributed to her love of animal care early on in life! Here at the hospital, she’s particularly fond of interacting with clientele and their furry companions, and loves providing a reassuring smile or comforting shoulder for those who need it most. Yoli is 1 of 4 cat advocates who actively search for ways to make each feline visit as comfortable as possible.

Outside of work, Yoli enjoys painting, drawing, gaming, spending time with her significant other, friends and family, and caring for her lazy kitties Shadow and Ajani.

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