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/Linda Cortez

Linda Cortez

Growing up on a small ranch on the outskirts of Mission, it was impossible for Linda not to connect with the animals that she cared for daily. She knew early on that pets would be a part of her life forever—what better way to share her love of animals, Linda thought, than by working at a veterinary hospital.

Linda began at Mission Veterinary Hospital shortly after graduating high school. She briefly lived in San Marcos, where she also worked for a local vet. After returning home and working at a dental office, she was asked to join the Mission Veterinary Hospital team again, and gladly accepted. She’s been working in the veterinary field since 1991. She began in the reception area, moved over to a technician position, and is now the Practice Manager.

Her human family loves animals as much as she does! And currently they have 3 American bullies, 1 Chihuahua, 4 cats, 3 ball pythons, 1 bearded dragon, and 1 pet ferret that cohabitate in their home. All her animals have a great life living in the home surrounded by love and family interactions on a daily basis.

Linda loves managing the excellent team of doctors and staff and considers them her extended family. They do keep her on her toes at all times which makes for exciting days! She particularly loves the daily interactions she has with clients and their furbabies, they are what make her job all the worthwhile.

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