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/Gustavo Sanchez

Gustavo Sanchez

Aside from his love for art and having a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, Gus has always had a passion for animal care ever since he can remember. One of his earliest memories that might of lead to such passion is when hes parent’s would take in a bird or a baby chick and showed him how to nurse them back to health. Ever since then, at any given chance, Gus has taken in animals in need of medical assistance. Pigeons, doves, ducks, chickens, dogs, humming birds,mice,bunnies, tarantulas, and cats, are some of he animals he’s had to pleasure of nursing back to health. Given this job opportunity has broaden the list of animals he has helped and in the mere future, he hopes to gain more knowledge on how to give medical care to animals by becoming a Vet Tech.

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