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/Angela Contreras

Angela Contreras

Having grown up in Mission around pets, Angela knew that being around animals could change her mood no matter how hectic her day had been. She can’t imagine a better place to work than with the caring staff and loving pets of Mission Veterinary Hospital!

Angela’s aunt used to work for a neighboring veterinary practice and heard about an opening at Mission Veterinary Hospital. She knew Angela had experience in an office setting, so she referred her. Angela loves interacting with the animals that walk into the clinic, forming a bond between employee and pet. She also enjoys answering client questions to help owners get a better understanding of their pet’s care.

When not at work, Angela spends most of her time with her children and family. When time permits, she enjoys traveling, spending time on the beach, and being outdoors.

Currently, she has no pets of her own due to work and her children’s schedule. But her mom has a 3 year old chocolate Labrador retriever who she loves as her own!

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