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Dr. David Heflin

Veterinarian, Co-Owner

Dr. Heflin’s interest in veterinary medicine began during high school, when his show steer was injured and needed to see the local veterinarian. He thought it looked like a rewarding job, and by the time he entered pre-vet curriculum at Texas A&M University, he knew his hunch was right!

David grew up in McAllen, Texas and moved to Nederland while in junior high. After earning his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1981, he purchased Mission Veterinary Hospital in 1988. It has since grown from a one-doctor to a five-doctor practice! Each veterinarian has their own special area of expertise, allowing Mission Veterinary Hospital to provide clients with a large pool of knowledge and experience.

Dr. Heflin himself particularly loves performing ultrasounds, which he says is one of the most important diagnostic tools in the clinic’s arsenal. Nothing is more rewarding for him than discovering a problem before it can cause serious disease or spread to other parts of the body!

David and his wife, Laura, have three wonderful daughters: Jermaine, Tori, and Katelyn. They also share their home with two pets: Rica, a four-year-old Boston Terrier, and Skeeter, a 12-year-old Australian Shepherd.

When he’s not at work, Dr. Heflin loves doing almost anything in the sunshine, including mountain biking, golfing, fishing, and hunting. He also loves to spend time with his family and friends.

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Photo of Dr. David  Heflin

Dr. Diane deBruyn

Veterinarian, Co-Owner

Dr. deBruyn warned her parents in the first grade that she wanted to be a veterinarian. She would doctor up stuffed animals, and even dressed up the family dog for her skits! She followed her passion, and now is the co-owner and full-time veterinarian at Mission Veterinary Hospital.

Diane was born and raised in El Paso as the second of four children. She always had at least one dog and cat growing up, as well as a hamster, horse, rabbit, and pheasant through the years! When it came time for college, she chose the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University, graduating with her Bachelor’s in 1989. She then received her DVM degree in 1992 from Texas A&M University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

After school, Dr. deBruyn moved to Mission, where she fell in love with the weather, the people, and their pets. Her fate in Mission was sealed when she met her future husband! She began at Mission Veterinary Hospital in the summer of 1992, then became a partner in August of 2004.

Diane says she’s an introvert, so she’s rather surprised that what she enjoys most about her job is interacting with people. Every day, she meets someone with an amazing or inspiring story. Medically, she likes working on cats because they’re some of the most challenging patients to treat.

Dr. deBruyn lives in Mission with her husband, two children, four dogs, and a cat. She also has a mustang horse and several goats.

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Photo of Dr. Diane  deBruyn

Dr. Michele Fuentes

Veterinarian, Co-Owner

Michele says that becoming a veterinarian wasn’t really a conscious choice—it was more like a calling! She knew she was going to be a vet from the time she was three years old, and hasn’t looked back since. Now she’s a licensed veterinarian and the co-owner of Mission Veterinary Hospital!

Dr. Fuentes was born and raised in San Antonio with her two sisters. Her parents always supported her “dog habit,” and Michele decided to enroll in veterinary school. She completed her undergraduate studies at Texas A&M University, then stayed at A&M to receive her CVM veterinary degree, graduating in 1996. After interviewing all over Texas, she chose Mission Veterinary Hospital and has been here ever since!

As a vet, Michele loves working with patients as well as owners, and loves the joy in a pet owner’s face when they know their furry friend is better. Medically, she’s passionate about internal medicine and enjoys the testing and digging required to reach the solution to a problem.

Dr. Fuentes has three children: 15-year-old Sammy, 13-year-old Gabe, and Mia, 10. The family also has two pets: a new boxer puppy named Agatha and a five-year-old cat who Michele bottle-fed and raised after he was found in the streets as a newborn.

Michele says it’s quite the achievement to find free time to enjoy her hobbies, but when she can, she likes reading and jogging.

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Photo of Dr. Michele  Fuentes

Dr. Sasha B. Harris

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Sasha Harris grew up in the Rio Grande Valley, where animal care was simply a part of life. She was involved in the 4-H organization growing up, and raised everything from chickens, rabbits, and pigs to sheep, cattle, and horses. Ever since she can remember, Dr. Harris has wanted to make a difference in the lives of animals and their owners. Now, she’s a licensed veterinarian!

Dr. Harris served here at Mission Veterinary Hospital as a volunteer and a Veterinary Technician before joining the team as an Associate Veterinarian. She attended Texas A&M University for her undergraduate and Master’s degree studies before earning her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2010. During her schooling, Dr. Harris was particularly proud to compete on the women’s equestrian team in the first year that it was an NCAA sport.

Medically, Dr. Harris is fond of internal medicine cases and ultrasound work. Most of all, she loves interacting directly with clients to improve the lives of their animal companions. Dr. Harris never tires of the feeling that she’s provided all of the information necessary for a pet owner to provide the highest-quality care!

In her free time, Dr. Harris loves spending time with her family and going boating on the lake. She and her husband—a veterinarian himself—have a beautiful daughter and share their home with a number of furry family members. They have four dogs: Jake, Penny, Remington, and Gunner; a trio of cats named Blackie, Mabel, and Sly; two quarter horses named Pita and Joni; and their daughter’s mini horse, Houdini.

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Photo of Dr. Sasha B.  Harris


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